Project Description

 St.Mary's Nyangoma School for the Deaf, Bondo
 29th - 30th June 2010
The workshop was held at St.Mary’s Nyangoma school for the deaf, Bondo in Nyanza Province from 29th to 30th June, 2010. A total of 38 special education teachers attended the workshop which was organized by Operation Ear Drop Kenya in collaboration with Arizona State University and Sustainable Resources.

Testing of hearing and identification of those children in need of hearing aids. Follow-up and testing of existing hearing aids to determine their current condition.

Re-tubing existing earmolds and the fabrication of new ear molds Fitting hearing aids on those children who have the most immediate need. Training of teachers/staff on a variety of topics including otoscopy, basic anatomy/physiology, hearing aid/earmold maintenance, et.c