4 December 2016
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4 December 2016,

The free surgical outreach organized in collaboration with Safaricom Foundation at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital concluded successfully. The surgeries were done between Wednesday 30th November to  Sunday 4th December 2016.

IMG-20161201-WA0013 IMG-20161201-WA0014 IMG-20161201-WA0019 IMG-20161201-WA0020

Over 100 patients were screened, 26 patients received surgical intervention (5-Grommet Insertion and 21-Tympanoplasty).

The outreach provided an opportunity for our volunteer team of ENT Surgeons, Anesthetists, Clinical Officers, Nurses, and Registrars to give back to the Kisumu community by way of volunteering their time, energy and expertise for this noble cause.

The financial support from Safaricom Foundation and logistical support from Jaramogi Oginga  Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital helped to make this trip possible. Special thanks to ENT Surgeon Dr. David Odeny and Clinical Officer Jacob Odhiambo for coordinating such a successful outreach.

Operation Ear Drop Kenya remains active in an effort to provide best surgical outreaches for the treatment of ear, nose and throat in rural areas with emphasis on underprivileged children.


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